Inspired by the concept of Temperature Blankets I am creating a Temperature Mandala for September in my Bullet Journal as a fun way to track the change in temperature over the month.temperature mandala

Temperature blankets are usually crochet blankets where the high temperature for the day is color coded and stitched onto a blanket.  By the end of the year you have an afghan with 365 stripes of varying colors to represent the year.  I am absolutely smitten by the idea and plan to make one for each of my kids for the first year of their lives.

The idea for the Temperature Mandala is that for every day of the month, note the high temperature and add a line on your mandala with the coordinating color.

How To

Temperature Mandala TemplateDownload a printable version of the temperature mandala template here or draw your own mandala template.  The template is intentionally left blank so you can pick your own color scheme and temperatures that make the most sense for your area or time of year.

temperature mandala key
I am in south central Wisconsin. This spread should get me through just fine.

If you’ve never drawn a mandala before this YouTube tutorial is a great place to start.

I used a compass to draw in some various circle guidelines and then started in with the colors.  You can add your bands of color as you go or record the temperature for a few days and then catch up.  For September I will be doing it day-by-day looking at the forecasted high temperature.

For some of the more complicated elements of your mandala it is ok to sketch it out with pencil and then add the colors in as the temperature presents itself if you want to be a stickler about it being chronological.

By the end of the month you will have a surprising and colorful representation of the temperature changes throughout the month!

If you are making on, use #temperaturemandala on Instagram and tag me @sariecherries so I can see how yours looks!

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