Indexing is the backbone of Bullet Journaling.  It is how you will find all the amazing information that you’ve chosen to include in your bujo.  Traditionally, you will just skip a certain number of pages in the front of your bujo for your index and enter the page information as you create them.

When using a discbound notebook it can be a little different because of the ability to move and add pages as you need to.  I only start with one page for each Index as I can easily add more if I need to.  I also make an Index for each individual section of my Bullet Journal.

Here is a video to show you how I handle indexing in my arc bujo as well as how I make my dividers.

Gallery of My Indexes

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How will you index and divide your bujo?  Tag me on instagram or use #sariecherries so I can see how you are planning!

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