I am going all in for my next weekly spread and try a Dutch Door Weekly in my #arcbujo.  The idea is that you’ll have all the perks of a weekly spread while at the same time having the room for details of a daily spread all in the same place.

arc bujo dutch door stamping supplies

I’d been using a weekly spread that was working well for the last 4 weeks or so but was finding that the general To Do List style was leaving me pressed for figuring out which days of the week I really needed to try to get things done. The Dutch Door seemed like a solution, not to mention just fun to create.

arc bujo dutch doors

In my Arc notebook it was easy enough to just pop the door pages into the middle of the weekly spread.  If you are using a differently bound notebook you’ll have to remember to skip the appropriate number of pages to cut down before the second page of your weekly spread.  For example, I needed a page for Monday/Tuesday, Wednesday/Thursday, and Friday/Saturday and Sunday so I would skip 3 pages before the second half of my weekly.  Then cut those three pages down from the top so you can see a section or the weekly spread no matter which daily half page is open.

dutch door bullet journal close up

I have already noticed some things that I will change up a little bit for my next one.  I will be giving this a solid chance because I can see how it can be very useful.  What do you think about this style of weekly?

More Dutch Door Bullet Journal Spreads

Check out these other impressive Dutch Doors and see if trying a new weekly spread is right for you!

*if you wanna see a flip-through this spread, check out my previous video!* So, I am NOT planning on planning during my trip, BUT I did want some extra space to do a bit of journaling and paste some pictures to keep as memory. Thanks to the #dutchdoor, I can have an overview over the whole trip in one place! ✈🌞 If you want to see more about the Dutch door that's been so popular lately, check out the lovely @alexandra_plans! She's made a YT video about two ways that you can use this in your bujo! 💙 . . . #bulletjournal #bujo #bujojunkies #bulletjournaling #bulletjournaljunkies #bujocommunity #bulletjournalcommunity #bujoinspire #bohoberrytribe #organisation #bujolove #bulletjournallove #bulletjournallover #leuchtturm1917 #leuchtturm #planner #plannercommunity #planneraddict #planning #zigcleancolor #fabercastell #sakuramicron #planwithme #diyplanner #agendamea #showmeyourplanner #bulletjournalcollection #paris #doodle

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