Arc Bullet Journal Starter Kit

So you’re interested in making an arc notebook your bullet journal?  Great!  Here I’ll show you everything thing you need to start your arc bujo.

All you need to get started is a discbound notebook, a hole punch for discs, and of course paper, and you’re ready to starting getting your life together one list at a time. I will start with the things you must have to make an arc notebook work for bullet journaling and then will tell you my favorite add-ons that I use to make my bullet journal fun and practical.

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arc bullet journal basics
All you need to get started with your Arc Bujo.

An Arc Notebook.  I have the pink Junior Sized Arc Notebook (they come in letter or junior).  They are offered in a few different colors and if you decide to go all out there is a way to make custom covers!  A truly DIY and completely customizable system.

32# HP Premium Choice Laserjet printer paper.  Using the 32# HP paper means I have virtually no ghosting with most pens except the Sharpie Ultra Fine marker.  But I simply don’t use that one too much anyway, so no trouble there.  I like the dot grid paper best so I made some that closely matches the scale of a Rhodia or Leuchtturm1917 that you can download here.

A disc-bound notebook hole punch.  I use the Arc compact-sized hole punch that has a single sheet capacity. But as I wasn’t willing to shell out more money for more pages I decided to make do.  I put on Netflix and find my groove and all the pages are punched in no time.  The other option is to print and cut your pages and just punch them as you go!  Unfortunately, it seems like the compact size punch is discontinued since I can’t find it anywhere online.  The Levenger punch that I’ve linked will work just as well or you can always splurge on the full-sized arc punch and go ham sandwiches!

Consider Including

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens.  I use these for all my doodling and color coding.  Great selection of colors to suit your needs!  These come in a sets of 10, 20, or 30!  I personally started with the set of 10 but got the 20 shortly after for more selection when doodling.

ptl doodles july staedtler fineliner
One of the many doodling challenges on Instagram to dress up your Bullet Journal hosted by

Inkjoy Gel pens.  This is my daily writer.  It is smooth and the grip makes me happy.  They also come in sets of colors that I personally haven’t tried but keep talking myself out of since I already have the Fineliners.

Staedtler Pigment Liners with various tips to vary line weight on pages.  Different sized lines can add a lot of interest to a spread without a lot of extra work.

I picked up some 1″ replacement discs for my notebook that have a capacity of 150 pages since I knew the 60 page capacity that the notebook came with wouldn’t cover my needs in the least.  The 1″ discs are a good size that I can fit everything my brain wants into my bullet journal and it still is convenient to carry in my bag and leave all over the house as I am using it.  If I end up adding more pages than those discs can accommodate they sell 1 1/2″ discs that have a 200 page capacity.

I have created an Amazon aStore to keep an ongoing collection of all the supplies that I use and recommend.  As I find new supplies or toys I will add them there!

After that its all Bullet Journal-a-go-go!  Not sure where to start?  Come on over here and I will show you how I set up my first ArcBujo from the very beginning.

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