If you’re a fan of bullet journaling, then you probably already know there are as many ways to do it as there are bujo fans! People are different and like to organize differently and an Arc bullet journal might be perfect for you.

Whether you’re a minimalist or someone who loves to track, or fill your planner with drawings, you’re an individual with your own needs. People have been asking me about Arc notebooks since I’ve switched from one of the more popular notebooks and started posting them on Instagram.  So I’ve started this blog to show and tell how an Arc notebook has helped me find a way to bullet journal that is a perfect fit for what I need.

I’m assuming that you have some basic experience with bujos, but if you don’t you can start here with Ryder Carol’s Bullet Journal explanation.  He has a very minimalist bujo but the foundation of ideas are solid.  This is the foundation in which all bullet journals are created.  Where you go from there or even IF you use that to start is completely up to you.  Total.  Planner.  Freedom.

Now, this post might sound a bit like a sales pitch for M by Staples Arc Notebooks. While that’s the notebook I use and love, there are other compatible systems out there, and I will talk about them later. For now, I’ll simply refer to the Arc since it’s what I know best and use and is a mainstay brand.

Arc Interior 2
Check the downloads page for printable layouts, including this August 2016 spread!

Arc notebooks are disc-bound journals produced and owned by Staples. The main difference between Arc (and other disc-bound) notebooks and perfect bound notebooks like the more common Leuchtturm 1917 is that the pages are easy to remove and re-insert at will.  This fluid functionality was the main reason why I switched from the LT1917 and into an Arc notebook.

Obviously, this opens up your journaling experience to new possibilities in organization as it becomes a simple matter to, for example, transfer collections from one notebook to another, or completely reorganize your book as it grows and expands.  You can add sections where it makes most sense and remove collections that don’t work out the way you thought they might.

To be optimally effective and give you the most control, Arc notebooks do require some extra accessories and ingenuity (which I will explain in the next post), but what excites me so much about journaling with my Arc is that after doing so, I have more flexibility and control over my journal than I ever thought possible.

Arc Interior 1
Custom dividers are one of my favorite things about Arc notebooks.

So is Arc planning for you?

You might like Arc notebooks if:

  • You find your journals have a lot of static collections (addresses or recipes, for instance) that you’d want to move from one journal to the next.
  • Your needs often change, or you find yourself thinking, “I really wish I’d set this up differently.”
  • You like to experiment, but don’t necessarily want to fill your active journal with failed experiments.
  • You like scrapbooking or other papercraft that can be brought into your journaling life.
  • You find threading tedious or unintuitive.
  • You’d prefer a notebook with different kinds of paper to suit your needs – unlined coloring pages, lined pages for writing, dotted pages for charts, even specialty lined paper for handwriting practice, etc.
  • You find yourself wishing you could bring other things into your journal, like art, postcards, coloring pages or fancy paper.

You might not like Arc notebooks if:

  • You don’t like the idea of prepping your pages. You will probably find yourself cutting, punching and even printing layouts and dot grids to set your journal up as you go.
  • One more accessory. Arc notebooks can entail everything that other bujos can, plus you’ll probably want to get a special punch so that you can add your own pages. They range from $20 to $50, making it the largest investment in this system.
  • Some people say they don’t get the same “journal-y” feel from arc planners that they do from perfectbound notebooks – and that’s perfectly fine! Arc notebooks have a more “planner-ish” feel, which is perfect for some people and not others.

If you’re still with me or you’re on the fence and want to know more about what you can do to get started, then step right this way for: Arc Bullet Journal Starter Kit!

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Hi, I'm Sarah. Some people call me Sarie. I love bullet journals, being creative and organized, and lately I've been getting into Arc discbound journals! I started this page to share my adventure with you and show you all the cool stuff I find in the hopes that it sparks an adventure for you, too!